Job Seekers

Bench Workforce is available to assist you with reaching your employment goals.

You are important to us because it is you that is the face of our organisation to our clients.  We consider it our job to get to know you and your goals so that we can work together to  provide you with satisfying employment.  An induction into any work for Bench Workforce consists of 3 parts:

  1. Application - complete the application form on our webpage for work at either Bindaree Beef or other advertised vacancies.  Send to us via email, fax or post. 
  2. Interview - After we have perused your application form we will contact you to arrange an interview if selected. At your interview you will be asked a series of questions and also will have a medical check completed which includes a drug test.  If the medical is satisfactory and all other aspects of your application are approved you will then be kept in our file awaiting approval for a position. At this stage, for Abattoir workers, if you are not Qfever innoculated we will tell you to arrange appointments necessary at the local doctors surgery. You will not be able to start work until 10 days from the innoculation needle is given. 
  3. Placement - HR Management at the Host Employer Bindaree Beef will then identify you for a position, this decision is made on a weekly basis and successful applicants will be advised by phone.  The applicant will then be told to attend our weekly Induction, held at Bindaree on Fridays. If your work is for something other than the Abattoir you will be contacted to advise your commencing date.

Induction day Fridays - Go through Bench Workforce policies and procedures. complete Induction questionaire for Bindaree Beef. Be instructed and tested on Workplace Health and Safety procedures. Complete all paperwork necessary for payroll and tax obligations. 

Commencement of work - For Bindaree Beef Abattoir work will commence on Mondays.  Other assignments can commence at any day depending on the work assignment. 

Wages - Employees are paid weekly and time sheets must be correctly completed and signed for wages to be paid Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week.